BiOrbic welcomes the Côte d’Ivoire Ambassador to the UK to UCD

BiOrbic were delighted to welcome the Côte d’Ivoire Ambassador to the UK Ms Sara Amani and her team to BiOrbic yesterday afternoon, along with the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation.

BiOrbic and IBF met with the Côte d’Ivoire Ambassador to the UK and her delegation to discuss what the bieconomy is and discuss how to maximise the role the bioeconomy could play in their country. BiOrbic and IBF both gave presentations during the day. Derek O’Brien presented about BiOrbic and the role we are doing to evolve the bioeconomy in Ireland through research and innovation. Sean Douglas presented about industry partnerships and collaboration within BiOrbic, and Conor Patrick Haugh presented about our work with young people and society as an important aspect of building a vibrant bioeconomy. 

It was a day of meaningful discussion about the Irish bioeconomy, industry, research and societal engagement. We look forward to future collaborations!