BiOrbic is Ireland’s national bioeconomy research centre.
We pursue
excellence in research, new discovery and innovation  for the development of a sustainable, circular bioeconomy.

What is the bioeconomy?

Our planet has limited resources and faces global challenges like climate change, land and ecosystem degradation, coupled with a growing demand for food, feed, biobased materials and energy.

The bioeconomy is the sustainable use of renewable biological resources and industry technologies, to produce bio-based products and services for societal, environmental and economic gain now and in the future.

What is BiOrbic?

BiOrbic is a national collaboration of over 100+ researchers, focused on the development of a sustainable circular bioeconomy.

Our researchers work on selectively separating and extracting valued compounds from renewable materials, converting those resources into novel bio-based products and processes, delivering market and industry-scalable sustainable resources.

Our focus areas

We work with fellow researchers, industry, policymakers and the wider public.

Our collaborators

BiOrbic is funded under the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres Programme and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund.