Generation Glas

Developing the next generation of climate and sustainability ambassadors.

Generation Glas is an initiative that draws talented young people from diverse backgrounds across Ireland and supports them in becoming ambassadors for sustainability through an extended course. It gives them access to researchers, policymakers and other experts, educates them in the scientific and political contexts and trains them to become confident, creative communicators who can engage and represent their communities. 

Generation Glas is a partnership between Foróige, BiOrbic, Bioeconomy SFI Research Centre and various other stakeholder groups.


Generation Glas is an 8 month course, combining in-person and remote workshops, lectures and pratical assignments and covering the bioeconomy, climate change, and sustainability:

Scientific context

Understanding the current science around climate, sustainability and the environment and what innovations are on the horizon.

Political context

Knowledge of the political landscape surrounding sustainability and insight into what policies might be advocated for in future.


Ability to adapt communication style and method to suit varying needs and understanding the importance of dialogue.

Action and activism

Awareness of how grass roots campaigns work and capacity to galvanise local communities and leadership around specific issues.

Personal development

Developing self-efficacy, critical thinking, leadership, collaboration, creativity and interpersonal skills.

Providing opportunities for young people to come together to experiment and experience things first hand.

The programme kicks off with a residential summer school at UCD, bringing everyone together for the first time. This is followed by a weekly online component to continue building skills and knowledge over term time. Students will be brought back together in-person by two field tips throughout the course, one of which will visit the Farm Zero C Project – a scientific demonstrator farm working towards carbon neutrality. By the end of the course, students will be supported to design and run STEAM events in their communities, giving them real experience of community engagement.

NEWS and Updates

We are currently designing and recruiting for the 2023 edition of Generation Glas. Watch this space for new updates as they arrive!