What is Atoms-2-Products?

BiOrbic researchers at the  University College Dublin (UCD) lead the Atoms-2-Products (A2P) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in partnership with the  University of Nottingham (UoN).

A2P is a four-year PhD programme in Sustainable Chemistry providing advanced training and education, enabling CDT graduates to work in academia, industry and related sectors.

PhD students recruited to the programme at BiOrbic will join a cohort of A2P students from UoN in a coordinated training programme of cutting-edge, industry-relevant research and skills.

What do students do?

A2P PhD students have the opportunity to:

-Undertake an eight week training visit to Nottingham and attend taught courses in core and specialist subjects;

-Interact with industry scientists, explore internship opportunities;Gain a deep understanding of sustainability concepts;

-Carry out significant laboratory-based or computational research on a group project;Learn from transferable skills training;

-Undertake an individual PhD project, co-supervised by academic experts and leading industry scientists.