Ireland has a supportive policy environment for the development of a sustainable circular bioeconomy.

This is underpinned by the National Policy Statement on the Bioeconomy published in March 2018 which sets out a recognition that the bioeconomy is crucial for decarbonisation, sustainability and circularity while also providing an impetus to completeness and rural and regional development and employment in Ireland.

A national bioeconomy consultative structure, including the Bioeconomy Implementation Group, the Bioeconomy Forum and Bioeconomy Network supports the development of the bioeconomy in Ireland and implementation of actions identified in the National Policy Statement. BiOrbic informs, participates in and works closely with all aspects of this structure.

Bioeconomy developments in Ireland are also closely informed by the European bioeconomy including the EU Bioeconomy Strategy (2018) and Bio-based Industries Consortium Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda