BiOrbic, Bioeconomy SFI Research Centre is Ireland’s national bioeconomy research centre, established to promote and develop Ireland’s bioeconomy through excellent research and innovation.

BiOrbic is a national collaboration of over 100+ researchers, focused on the development of a sustainable circular bioeconomy.

Our researchers work on selectively separating and extracting valued compounds from renewable materials, converting those resources into novel bio-based products and processes, delivering market and industry- scalable sustainable resources.


To be a leader in bioeconomy research, supporting Ireland in a just transition to a sustainable society.


To enable a vibrant sustainable circular bioeconomy through research excellence, innovation and the development of future bioeconomy leaders for the benefit of Ireland, Europe and beyond.

To achieve our vision and mission the centre has set out five strategic priorities.

Responsible and excellent research, discovery, invention and innovation for the bioeconomy

Address global challenges that are locally relevant through the translation and application of our research

Inclusive collaboration with a wide range of actors at a local, national and global level

Create future leaders for the bioeconomy

Engage, inspire and involve the public and societal actors


Our Governance Structure and associated committees support and advise our leadership team ensuring optimal performance and oversight of activities and development.

Originally founded as BEACON Bioeconomy Research Centre, we refreshed our brand in January 2020 in line with our vision, mission and core values.

June 17th – 2020 – Closing – 5 pm Friday 24th of July 2020

BiOrbic has an exciting MSc/PhD opportunity in

Cultivating Consumption of Bio-Based Products

This study will undertake consumer research to enable strategic marketing decisions by companies and organisations who are interested in bio-based products, e.g. market diversification, new product development, communications and brand development. The feedstocks, technologies and products being developed by other researchers within BiOrbic may provide useful context/case studies for such research.

Full details MSc/PhD BiOrbic Cultivating bio-based consumer post

Collaboration is a core value for BiOrbic. We recognise that the best way to build a vibrant sustainable circular bioeconomy is to work with others. We have formed a number of strategic partnerships to support our collective efforts.

Our values

BiOrbic, as a centre is more than the sum of its parts. We bring together leading experts to find new ideas, to create knowledge and know-how, to collaborate and to inspire. Our shared commitment to developing a sustainable circular bioeconomy is embedded across everything we do. Our core values of excellence, discovery, innovation, collaboration and respect underpin how we work together and deliver on our goals and objectives.

We responsibly strive for excellence in everything we do, individually and collectively

We seek new ideas, knowledge, know-how and invention to support a sustainable, circular bioeconomy

We challenge what is possible and are focused on creating lasting and positive impact. We develop and apply creative solutions and are not afraid of doing things differently

We bring experts with diverse backgrounds together to facilitate the emergence of ideas, recognising solutions and shaping them for society. We are open and actively seek to be inclusive in building external partnerships

We are honest, fair and open and maintain the highest standards of professional integrity. We embrace and value different backgrounds, views and experiences