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Dr Saranya Rameshkumar

Saranya Rameshkumar joined BiOrbic as a Research Fellow working on the Selective Separation Platform and is presently based at CRANN institute, Trinity college Dublin. She received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology-Trichy, India. Her first post-doctoral research was at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India by securing a national post-doctoral grant. Later, she moved to Trinity College Dublin and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research (AMBER) Centre in a project focusing on ‘Polymeric membranes for filtration and biomedical applications’. Her main research interests and activities include developing and characterising advanced membrane materials for separation applications; design and implementation of integrated membrane separation processes for sustainable water, energy and environment. She has demonstrated skills in performing a wide spectrum of material characterisation techniques, in particular analysing polymers and membrane samples from various industry partners. She has 13 peer-reviewed publications in renowned journals, three book chapters and two generic articles in technical magazines. She has been actively involved in various education and public engagement activities, such as transition year (TY) workshops on the theme of ‘Sustainable Materials’. Saranya is currently working on a project titled ‘Functionalised electro-spun membranes for selective separation applications’.


PhD Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology-Trichy, India