Get on board with the bioeconomy!

How deep is our addiction to crude oil? Can we ever stop relying on it?

Only with a bioeconomy.

The bioeconomy means supplying what society needs (our economy) from renewable plants, animals and microbes (biological sources). It’s what we did before we ever discovered crude oil with all its modern uses. And it’s our best option to replace it.

But despite how important the bioeconomy is to our future, most people haven’t heard of it. That’s why we’re running a national campaign to raise awareness. We think everyone should know what the bioeconomy is and why we are depending on it. We’ll be touring a mobile exhibit up and down the country to bring this information directly to you!



Fossil fuel, petroleum, crude oil…whatever you call it, it’s everywhere! And there’s no better place to demonstrate this than inside our homes. That’s why our exhibit will let you explore a standard Irish household and discover just how many day to day products we rely on that have crude oil components. Take a peek at the design of our exhibit below:


OK so if crude oil is everywhere how will we ever transition away from it? That’s where the bioeconomy comes in. Finding novel ways of producing the things we need from plants, animals and microbes instead. We’ll show you some of the weirdest examples we’ve found, as well as some local or common products you can start using today.
For now, why not try to guess what each of these items below are made of!




tour map

The BioBus will tour 35 locations across Ireland for five weeks in October and November.

Week 1 – Sat 14th October – Fri 20th October

Week 1 of our tour will go to the following locations.

  • Saturday 14th – Blanchardstown, Dublin
  • Sunday 15th – St Stephen’s Green, Dublin
  •  Monday 16th – Bray and Greystones, Wicklow
  • Tuesday 17th – Break
  • Wednesday 18th – Wexford, Wexford
  • Thursday 19th – Carlow, Carlow
  • Friday 20th – Naas, Kildare and Portlaoise, Laois

This part of the tour will coincide with Bioeconomy Ireland Week.

Week 2 – Sat 21st October – Fri 27th October

Week 2 of our tour will go to the following locations.

  • Saturday 21st – Kilkenny City, Kilkenny
  • Sunday 22nd – Waterford City, Waterford
  •  Monday 23rd – Cork City, Cork
  • Tuesday 24th – Break
  • Wednesday 25th – Break
  • Thursday 26th – Mallow, Cork
  • Friday 27th – Killarney and Tralee, Kerry

Week 3 – Sat 28th October – Fri 3rd November

Week 3 of our tour will go to the following locations.

  • Saturday 28th – Ennis, Clare and Limerick, Limerick
  • Sunday 29th – Galway City, Galway
  •  Monday 30th – Castlebar, Mayo and Sligo, Sligo
  • Tuesday 31st – Break
  • Wednesday 1st – Break
  • Thursday 2nd – Letterkenny, Donegal
  • Friday 3rd – Longford City, Longford

Week 4 – Sat 4th November – Fri 10th November

Week 4 of our tour will go to the following locations.

  • Saturday 4th – Mullingar, Westmeath and Roscommon, Roscommon
  • Sunday 5th – Navan, Meath and Cavan, Cavan
  •  Monday 6th – Monaghan, Monaghan
  • Tuesday 7th – Break
  • Wednesday 8th – Break
  • Thursday 9th – Dundalk, Louth
  • Friday 10th – Tullamore, Offaly and Nenagh, Tipperary

Week 5 – Sat 11th November – Fri 17th November

Week 5 of our tour will be Irish-speaking only and will go to the following locations.

  • Saturday 11th – Break
  • Sunday 12th – Ring, Waterford
  •  Monday 13th – Baile Mhúirne, Cork
  • Tuesday 14th – Corca Dhuibhne, Kerry
  • Wednesday 15th – Cois Fharraige, Galway
  • Thursday 16th – Béal an’Mhuirthead, Mayo
  • Friday 17th – Gaoth Dobhair, Donegal

This part of the tour will coincide with SFI Science Week.

Click on the image to the right to explore our interactive map. Check the date, place, and time when the BioBus will be near you!