Win an annual family zoo pass!

We’re giving away an annual family pass to Dublin Zoo for the best attempt to be more sustainable! The pass will give you access to Dublin Zoo, Fota Wildlife Park in Cork and four UK zoos for 12 months. It can be used in the following combinations:

Pass holder + 3 Adults
Pass holder + 2 Adults + 2 Children
Pass holder + 1 Adult + 4 Children
Pass holder + 6 Children

how it works


Make a pledge to adopt a new sustainable habit. We have some ideas below.


Try out your new sustainable habit and make a photo diary or record of it.


Send us your photo diary and /  or story to the email address below by the 15th July .


The best submission wins the zoo pass! By best we mean biggest commitment to sustainability or most creative submission! 


Green Receipt

This is a pledge to reduce plastic waste.

Next time you go shopping, keep your receipt and when you unpack your items, mark anything in plastic packaging in red and anything else in green. Pin your receipt on the fridge as a reminder. Next time, try and find alternatives not in plastic packaging and mark your new receipt. How green can you make it?

Bin Weight Challenge

This is a pledge to recycle more.

Next time you throw out your trash, weigh the general waste bag or record it visually. Your goal is to reduce it by recycling more and changing what you buy or use. Look up items on to see what can be recycled, figure out what you’re throwing away regularly and avoid using it or find an alternative and reduce the size of that general waste bin bag!

Fridge Buffet Night

This is a pledge to reduce food waste.

Before you go food shopping next, look at what leftover ingredients are in the fridge that need using. Even if they don’t seem like they go together, give yourself the challenge to get creative and make a one or more dishes to use them up. You might come up with some delicious new recipes and save yourself money at the same time!

Meal Planner

This is a pledge to avoid food waste.

Start trying to plan out your meals for the week. Write down exactly what ingredients you’ll need and figure out a way to use any leftovers. Buy those same amounts and stick to the plan. You can even batch cook your meals one evening saving time throughout the week! If that sounds a bit rigid, you can always plan for one night of spontaneity or keep batch cooked items in the freezer so they don’t go to waste. 

Green Pet Products

This is a pledge to buy more sustainable products.

We often think about sustainable products for humans to use but forget about it when it comes to pets. Are there more sustainable food options such as vegetarian dog food or food made from insect-based protein? Can you use a more sustainable cat litter? Look at the products you buy for your pets and try and search for better alternatives.

DIY Pet Toys

This is a pledge to avoid buying unnecessary plastic.

We love spoiling our pets but often we can spend money on expensive plastic toys when our cat or dog might simply love playing with the cardboard box! Instead of buying new pet toys, why not get creative and use leftover materials like old fabric, plastic bottles or string to make toys instead?

Every Day’s a Schoolday

This is a pledge to become more educated on sustainability.

There is always something new to learn when it comes to this topic and we’re expanding our knowledge all the time. Keep up with the times by pledging to consume one new piece of sustainable media a week, whether it be a podcast, youtube video, book chapter or anything else! The more you know, the better you’ll be able to find ways to be green that fit into your life.

Your Own Ideas

The above are some of our ideas but you might have your own.

If you can think of a new way you can try to be more sustainable, that’s great! Just let us know what you’ve been doing and why when you send us your story!

submit your STORY

Send us your story to the email address:

Your story can be in any format you like and photos or videos will be very welcome.

Use the subject line ‘Sustainable Pledge

The competition closes on the 15th July and we will announce the winner on the 20th July.