Happy New Year!

the challenge

As we move into 2021, many of us will be thinking of making some changes for the better. It might be to improve our physical health and fitness, take control of our finances, focus on our mental health or even spend more time with loved ones if we can – these are definitely some key priorities after the year we’ve all had! However, there is one priority that should be uniting us all: sustainability.

protecting the planet

Luckily, we don’t need to drop all our other goals. We can actually work towards our own personal resolutions and do our bit for the planet at the same time!

That’s what BiOrbic’s Green Solution challenge is all about: making it easier to adopt sustainable habits, by combining them with the changes we all want to make anyway. With twice the motivation, were twice as likely to succeed!

how it works


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We regularly post about small changes you can make that helps you achieve your goals as well as be more sustainable.


Select the changes that fit you best. You don’t need to do them all!


Take it one step at a time. Big changes will be difficult to maintain but small changes built over time will amount to success!

submit your own tips!


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    Good luck!