Engagement Resources

The following resources have been developed by BiOrbic to share our work and excitement for all things related to the bioeconomy. We encourage you to download, use and share. If you would like to learn more contact info@biorbic.com

Back for the Future Escape Room

Back for the Future is an online escape room run by a technician and live actor. Players log on through Zoom and play by controlling the actor who carries a smartphone, solving puzzles within the time limit. This escape room is themed around sustainability. The actor plays a ‘chrononaut’ who has travelled back in time from a dystopian future where the climate crisis was not solved. Their mission is to finish off vital research back in the year 2020 to safeguard the future. Players act as fellow scientists who are helping their colleague complete this task from across space and time.

If you would like to run this escape room, we have open access resources available! Simply fill in the contact form below and we will send them to you (we ask this in order to track how our materials are being used).

Access the materials

    Life of Plastics

    A journey through the ‘Life of Plastics’ from how it is made to what happens to it when we throw it away. Learn about the chemical structure of fossil-based vs. bio-based plastics and find out what every day renewable resources are used to produce bioplastics and just how long does plastic in the environment. #LifeofPlastics @biorbic_centre