The dairy industry, a key component of the social and economic fabric of Ireland and Europe, faces the challenge of needing to reduce GHG emissions and ultimately to become carbon neutral.

Farm Zero C – the Carbon-Neutral Resilient dairy farm, a collaboration between BiOrbic, Carbery and others aims to address these challenges.

A world first for agriculture, BiOrbic, Carbery and their collaborators have undertaken an interdisciplinary programme of work targeting soil and grassland; animal diet and breeding; biodiversity; life cycle analysis and renewable energy as a direct response to the challenge area. This presents a holistic view of the farm to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the health and resilience of the farm.

The Farm Zero C project leadership team includes BiOrbic researchers Professor Kevin O’Connor and Dr Fionnuala Murphy based at UCD Professor Jane Stout based at Trinity College Dublin; James Gaffney based at IT Tralee and Enda Buckley, Director of Sustainability, Carbery.

For Carbery, developing pioneering projects like this is part of working to safeguard their farmer suppliers’ future.

Farm Zero C is a project funded under Science Foundation Ireland’s Future Innovator Prize – Zero Emissions Challenge which supports interdisciplinary teams to develop disruptive solutions that can help accelerate progress towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland by 2050.