The bioeconomy in Ireland is growing rapidly with our existing resource and industrial base is ideally suited to the production of, or utilisation of, bio-based resources. Ireland has Agri-food and Marine industries of global significance that produce residues with huge potential for use in the bioeconomy.

Ireland’s agricultural footprint is significant with about 2/3 of its land devoted to agricultural use and Agri-food is Ireland’s the largest indigenous business sector.

Ireland also has one of the largest seabed territories in Europe which is about 10 times its landmass and is an enormous reservoir of genetic material with a vast natural product potential.

Approximately 10.7% of Ireland is under forests which produce 3.2 million cubic metres of material each year and this is forecasted to increase to 8 million by 2035.

Ireland has also grown its bio-pharmaceutical sector rapidly with 24 out the 25 largest bio-pharmaceutical companies located here.

Ireland has the right industry capacity, combined with the leading research & innovation (via BiOrbic) and industry expertise, forming a pathway for translation of research and technology to develop new processes and create new products.